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Based on the research about the pagan origin and different ways to celebrate the Spring equinox, Occidental Folk-lore, tales and magic, and the meaning of nature.
Some of the fundamental and ancient ways of storytelling for humans are ceramics, tapestry, engraving, embroidering.. How are they understood and read by people? Why are they so appreciate it? This project is an opportunity to highlight the importance of stemming the legacy of our ancestries and their used most crafty disciplines not just to cover materialistic/ logistic needs but also to express themselves and tell us about our past. Directly related to nature, farming and homework in many scenarios. 
Discovering  the substantial value and the symbolic meanings on fabrics, tapestry and blankets. This project attempts to tell a story through handmade garments, using as much as possible natural fibres and materials, reusing old pieces and as few machinery/tools as possible or at least the use of very elemental ones giving life to this 3d creation that tells a story by itself. 
A surrealistic short film based on the speech of living in nature without a significant contact with urban environments and the facilities to the extreme point to get an exaggerated idea of what could be to live isolated from technology and consumerism society. Inspirations such as Andalusian dog by Luis Buñuel, Cremaster cicle by Matthew Barney Or Midsommar by Ari Aster and The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck.
The story described in the short film is something like a compilation of domestic recordings from celluloid colourfully painted by hand about someone who lives in a strange cult society during the beginning of 1900 and has been found by someone nowadays. 


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