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The main inspiration is the book “The Gardener” by Rabindranath Tagore, an indian poet and philosopher from late 19th, early 20th centuries. In his book, known as the book of love, Tagore talks about love, not just about the one in between two people, also from a more spiritual and universal perspective, an ode about freedom, beauty, nature and emotions.

He uses the comparison of two birds and human attitude sometimes: one bird is living in wild nature and the other living in a cage. the one that lives in freedom invites the other to join it to be able to enjoy freedom but the one is living in the cage rejects the offer because it feels safe and conformist about its life. We can sometimes choose what it seems easier, being obedient trying to not cause any problem. The main message could be that we can not be fully happy if we just make choices based on safeness.

Starting to think about the idea of a cage, a box full of secrets, as the allegory of ourselves: In a way we are boxes containing emotions and organs, melodies and memories… our real stories are inside us.

It came to my mind the image of the musical box on the dresser that my grandmother had inside her room: that old box with the classic ballerina dancing, with her jewels, and secrets, still nowadays in the same place. When in my imagination I opened it, I started a travel back to my childhood in nature, exploring the environment around as a game, full of curiosity and freedom, with no care about the notion of time or rules, when observing insects, plants and water were our main activities to get entertained and learn.

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