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From Nicola Tesla and his big imagination and inventiveness to create multiple inventions, the origin of automatas and how they were represented in different cultures and times in History, (Hero the Alexandria to movies from the beginning of 20th century), the mix of science and magic and how this one uses science to cover the secrets of tricks, the book “Monstrorum Historia” by Ulisse Aldrovandy or the surrealistic illustrations of Remedios Varo.

“WE ARE ALIVE” is a project inspired by different themes and all the exploration and experimentation are based on different subjects, but it is true that for sure the most important one had been A. Fleming with his experiments and the discovering and development of penicillin, and also about his passion for drawing and the use of bacterias to paint his art, making me want to know more artists and the possibilities of different people working with bacterias for the creation of artistic work.

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